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Facebook Raises Concerns for News Publishers

Meta Platforms Inc, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has announced that it will block access to news content on its platforms for all users in Canada.

This decision comes after Canada’s Parliament passed the Online News Act, a legislation aimed at compelling internet giants to pay publishers for their content.

Meta’s move is seen as a response to the new law, which requires platforms like Facebook and Google to negotiate commercial deals with news publishers.

Access to News on Facebook and Instagram to be Terminated

In a statement following the Senate’s approval of the Online News Act, Meta confirmed that news availability will be discontinued on Facebook and Instagram for all Canadian users prior to the law taking effect. This means that Canadian users will no longer have access to news articles and content through these platforms.

The Online News Act and Its Implications

The Online News Act is designed to address concerns raised by Canada’s media industry regarding the dominance of tech companies in the online advertising market.

The legislation aims to establish rules that require platforms like Facebook and Google to compensate news publishers for their content.

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This follows a similar law passed in Australia in 2021, which compelled tech giants to negotiate payment agreements with news publishers.

Tech Companies Voice Opposition

US technology companies, including Facebook and Google, have expressed their concerns and opposition to the proposed legislation. They argue that the requirements outlined in Canada’s law are unsustainable for their businesses.

Google specifically stated that the Canadian law is more stringent compared to those enacted in Australia and Europe. The company has proposed amendments to address these concerns and seek a resolution.

Government’s Stance and Response

Canada’s federal government has been firm in its support of the legislation. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Meta and Google of using “bullying tactics” in their campaign against the Online News Act.

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, who introduced the bill, emphasized that the government will engage in a regulatory and implementation process after the law comes into effect.

The government believes that it is essential to stand up for Canadians against tech giants.

Ongoing Discussions and Industry Support

The heritage ministry has held meetings with Facebook and Google this week, and further discussions are anticipated. Google confirmed that senior company executives were scheduled to meet with Minister Rodriguez to address their concerns.

The Canadian media industry has applauded the passage of the bill, with Danielle Coffey, President of the News Media Alliance, commending the Canadian Parliament for taking a stand against Big Tech and advocating for fair compensation for news publishers.


Meta Platforms’ decision to block access to news content on Facebook and Instagram in Canada, in response to the passage of the Online News Act, highlights the ongoing tension between tech giants and publishers.

As the government moves forward with implementing the legislation, discussions and negotiations between the parties involved will continue to shape the future of news distribution and the relationship between tech platforms and publishers in Canada.

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