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Greece’s New Democracy Party Secures victory in repeat election

Greece’s conservative New Democracy party emerged triumphant in Sunday’s parliamentary election, granting reformist Kyriakos Mitsotakis another term as the country’s prime minister.

With the majority of votes counted, New Democracy claimed 40.5% of the vote and secured 158 seats out of 300 in the parliament, according to figures released by the interior ministry.

A Decisive Victory for New Democracy

New Democracy’s resounding victory established a clear lead of more than 20 percentage points over Syriza, a radical leftist party that held power from 2015 to 2019 during a tumultuous period marked by a severe debt crisis.

Speaking to jubilant crowds at New Democracy headquarters in Athens, Prime Minister Mitsotakis acknowledged the weight of the support received, stating that it heightened his responsibility to address the aspirations of the people. He expressed his commitment to serve the country to the best of his abilities.

Syriza Suffers a Crushing Defeat

The election outcome dealt a humiliating blow to Syriza, resulting in the loss of over 30 members of parliament. In addition to New Democracy’s victory, fringe parties from both ends of the political spectrum, including a self-proclaimed anti-immigrant group called the Spartans, gained a presence in the parliament.

Syriza’s leader, Alexis Tsipras, referred to the rise of far-right parties as a negative development for democracy and society, characterizing it as a significant and historic turning point.

Mitsotakis’ Agenda: Boosting Tourism, Job Creation, and Economic Growth

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, a former banker and scion of a prominent political family, has laid out his plans for his new term as prime minister. His agenda includes revitalizing the vital tourism industry, generating employment opportunities, and raising wages to approach the European Union average.

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As someone who previously held the position of prime minister from 2019 until stepping down to make way for a caretaker government after an inconclusive May vote, Mitsotakis is determined to press forward with reforms aimed at rebuilding Greece’s credit rating in the aftermath of the decade-long debt crisis.

Second Election in Five Weeks

The parliamentary election on Sunday marked the second time in five weeks that Greek citizens cast their votes. The initial poll on May 21, conducted under a different electoral system, failed to grant any single party an outright majority in the parliament. The system employed in the most recent election awarded bonus seats to the leading party based on the level of voter support.

Significant Gains for Plefsi Eleftherias Party

Zoe Constantopoulou, a leftist politician who played a prominent role during Greece’s debt crisis in 2015 as parliamentary speaker, witnessed her party, Plefsi Eleftherias, gain eight seats in the parliament. Constantopoulou expressed her confidence, stating that whether her party held eight or nine seats, she was capable of representing the interests of 100 members.

Concerns over Health, Economy, and Cost of Living

The COVID-19 pandemic and a tragic rail crash earlier this year highlighted deficiencies in Greece’s healthcare and public transport systems. However, recent concerns expressed by voters primarily revolved around the cost of living and economic hardships.

Pensioner Giorgos Katzimertzis articulated his expectations for the new government, emphasizing the need for improvements in the health system and the economy to ensure a decent standard of living for citizens grappling with challenging circumstances.

Migrant Shipwreck and Migration Debate

The election took place against the backdrop of a migrant shipwreck off the southern coast of Greece earlier this month, with hundreds of lives feared lost. This devastating incident exposed the deep divisions among political parties concerning migration policies. The

Spartans, an unexpected presence in the campaign, garnered significant support by claiming that Greece faced a threat from uncontrolled migration. Preliminary results indicated that the Spartans would secure 4.7% of the vote, potentially earning them up to 13 seats in parliament.

The party’s prominence rose sharply after receiving backing from Ilias Kasiadiaris, the former face of the now-banned Golden Dawn far-right party. Kasiadiaris, who endorsed the Spartans while in jail, shared a tweet expressing his delight, accompanied by an image of himself wearing a Spartans-logoed t-shirt and giving a thumbs-up gesture, superimposed against jail bars.

In conclusion,

Greece’s New Democracy party’s convincing victory in the parliamentary election has granted Kyriakos Mitsotakis another term as prime minister.

With a focus on reviving tourism, generating employment, and boosting the economy, Mitsotakis faces the challenge of addressing voters’ concerns, including the cost of living and economic hardships. The election outcome also highlighted the rise of fringe parties and the ongoing debate over migration policies in Greece.

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