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How Deep Under the Sea Could the Titan Be Stuck?

The tourist submersible “Titan” embarked on a daring expedition to explore the depths of the ocean on the 18th. Plunging to an astonishing depth of 12,500 feet (approximately 3,810 meters), the vessel has since lost contact while investigating the wreckage of the Titanic.

Speculations arise that the Titan might be trapped amidst the remnants of the historic ship. Foreign media reports describe this depth as double the height of the Grand Canyon cliff and a staggering 41 times taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Understanding the Unfathomable Depth

To provide readers with a better grasp of the profound depth of 12,500 feet (about 3,810 meters) underwater, the British Daily Mail has crafted a comparative chart, juxtaposing it against the heights of iconic buildings worldwide.

Astoundingly, the Titanic lies buried at a depth of 12,500 feet, surpassing the height of the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates, the tallest building globally, by about 5.6 times.

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It also dwarfs famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building in New York (10 times), the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France (39.6 times), the Big Ben in London, England (39.6 times), and the Statue of Liberty in New York (41 times). The magnitude of this underwater depth in relation to these architectural marvels is awe-inspiring.

The Vastness of the Titanic Wreck

Even the grandeur of the expansive Grand Canyon cannot compete. With an elevation of merely 6,000 feet (approximately 1,828 meters), it falls short of half the depth of the Titan’s current whereabouts.

Race Against Time

Onboard the Titan, the remaining oxygen supply is rapidly depleting, leaving less than 20 hours before it is expected to be exhausted by 6:00 am EST on the 22nd. A few days ago, the search and rescue team detected recurring knocking sounds, yet the origin remains unknown. Their tireless efforts are focused on locating the missing submersible.

David Gallo, senior consultant of RMS Titanic, the exclusive custodian of Titanic relics, expressed concerns about the vessel’s situation. “One of the most important things is where is it?

Is it on the bottom of the sea, floating? Or in the sea?… Nothing has been decided yet; we can only wait and see and hope for the best. The water is deep, over two miles, and it is like visiting another planet. High-pressure environment,” Gallo told CNN.

As the search continues for the Titan, the world anxiously awaits news of its fate, hoping for a successful rescue operation in the challenging depths of the ocean.

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